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Chapung Sebali

Renowned as one of Bali’s unique Ubud Hotels, the eclectic boutique resort Chapung Sebali Ubud eloquently fuses traditional Indonesian architecture with a contemporary Scandinavian styling. It is a mystical place that brings together unparalleled comfort with an outstanding level of genuine service among Bali luxury resorts.

Suites & Villas

Chapung Sebali’s spacious and airy modern interior suites designed perfectly for two to four guests, offering views overlooking the Wos River Valley. With their earthy interior colours and textures that blend seamlessly into Ubud’s surrounding luscious green wilderness, look no further for your designer jungle escape. The very definition of luxury, Chapung Sebali Ubud has much to offer as a unique villa designed to embrace every stunning attribute of the jungle landscape. If your top priority is privacy, then Villas are the perfect accommodations for you.

Eat & Drinks

Classy restaurants & a jungle club surrounded by Ubud’s rainforest.

Jungle Fish Pool Bar

Split-level restaurant with a pool, fusing Balinese elegance with understated mid-20th century Danish styling.

Jungle Fish Restaurant

Perched up high overlooking the Wos River Valley, Jungle Fish Restaurant styles a fusion of Danish and understated Balinese elegance.

The Upper Deck

The Upper Deck Restaurant offers extravagant International and Indonesian cuisine in an edgy ambience with stunning jungle views.

Blind Pig Bar

The Blind Pig Lounge and Bar serves classy cocktails and tapas-style snacks, while you listen to jazz and classical music, often live.



Get up close and personal with Bali’s iconic places of interest. Immerse yourself in the Island of the Gods where vivid Balinese life, nature and cultural activities have an appeal to every personality.

In the depths of the mountainous center of Bali, surrounded by banyan trees and rice paddies of Ubud, Chapung Sebali is a mystical place, where culture and nature synchronized in harmony. Its organically treated and manicured yet lush tropical jungle setting is also home to harmless tropical faunas like geckos, lizard, and birds.

We kindly invite you to enjoy the harmony by not disturbing, feeding, and or interacting with them.

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